Introducing Prise, a smart productivity application

Apr 01, 2022

When I stopped writing blog posts on Culttt in 2016, my intention was to focus my time and energy on building a product, rather than producing content.

6 years later I can finally reveal what I’ve been working on.

Prise is a smart productivity application that intuitively understands the things you need to do. It uses machine learning technology to build a characteristic profile of each of the tasks on your todo list. This characteristic profile enables you to do some truly groundbreaking things.

There’s been a lot of research and development that has gone into building what you see today as Prise, and there’s a lot more still to come. I actually had the initial idea for Prise in 2010, and so I’ve got a lot of ideas and thinking on the subject that I’m excited to finally put out into the world.

So this is the resurrection of Culttt. I’m still going to be writing about business and technology, but mostly focused on building Prise.

You can sign up for the Prise early access list at

Philip Brown


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