Highlights from Le Web 2011

Dec 19, 2011

Table of contents:

  1. Leah Busque - TaskRabbitt
  2. Travis Kalanick - Uber
  3. Dave Morin - Path
  4. Kevin Systrom - Instagram
  5. Dennis Crowley - Foursquare
  6. Mike McCue - Flipboard
  7. Kevin Rose - Milk
  8. Steve Jang - SoundTracking
  9. Eric Schmidt - Google
  10. Phil Libin - Evernote
  11. Marissa Mayer - Google
  12. Sean Parker and Shervin Pishevar
  13. Daniel Ek - Spotify

The Le Web conference in Paris attracted some of the biggest names in technology to the heart of Europe. Organised by Loic Le Meur, Le Web is one of the highest profiles conferences in the world, and incredible feat as it is held outside of the United States. Loic has created a platform to encourage Entrepreneurship in Paris and Europe and for some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley to launch their latest products. As part of the conference, Le Web has released over 100 videos of the interviews, talks and keynotes. Here are my highlights from the videos that have been uploaded.

Leah Busque - TaskRabbitt

Leah Busque gives a demo of the new Task Rabbit app that allows anyone to outsource a job to the TaskRabbit community. TaskRabbit has recently raised a round of fundraising and is looking to “aggressively expand” to new areas both in the US and internationally. I’m really excited to see where TaskRabbit goes. I love micro economies and I’m a big fan of being able to outsource aspects of my life à la “The four hour work week” by Tim Ferriss.

Travis Kalanick - Uber

Travis Kalanick, CEO and Founder of Uber announces that Uber has raised another round of funding and they have now launched in Paris. Travis makes the observation that launching in Paris is more similar to the San Franscisco launch than the New York launch and he talks about the challanges of launching in different territories.

Dave Morin - Path

Dave Morin launches the second version of Path, the social network built especially for your closest friends and family. Path 2.0 has a gorgeous new UI and UX, and Dave talks about Path’s process and how devoping for iPhone and Android differ.

Kevin Systrom - Instagram

Alexia Tsotsis interviews Kevin from Instagram on their huge growth so far and what the future has in store for Instagram on Android and the web. Kevin also talks about building the right team, and why Instagram has been such a big hit.

Dennis Crowley - Foursquare

Dennis talks about the huge number of users, places and checkins that Foursquare and the increadibly growth of the service. Dennis talks about competitors, features and what lies in store for the future of Foursquare.

Mike McCue - Flipboard

Mike McCue, Founder of Flipboard talks about the early days of Flipboard, where he found inspiration and what he is trying to achieve with Flipboard for iPad and the iPhone. Mike also takes the opportunity to launch Flipboard for iPhone. He introduces the audience to the app and shows the whole new experience that has been created for iPhone.

Kevin Rose - Milk

Kevin is interviewed by Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane about what when wrong at Digg, how Kevin found his way into Entrepreneurship and what Milk and Oink have in store for the future.

Steve Jang - SoundTracking

Steve Jang, Founder of SoundTracking talks about his service thus far, and launches the Android version of the app and announces that SoundTracking will now work with Spotify and the deep integration with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

Eric Schmidt - Google

Eric and Hugo Barra introduce Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich and Eric talks about the future of Google, new products and the relationship between the physical world and the technological world.

Phil Libin - Evernote

Phil Libin of Evernote announces a new partnership with Orange and launches two new specific iPhone apps that focus on just one aspect of Evernote usage, Food and Faces. Libin talks about how Evernote is doing and how Evernote builds trust with their users what this behaviour looks like on various graphs.

Marissa Mayer - Google

Marissa talks about all things local at Google and what the future has in store for Google products like maps and local search. Marissa touches upon the launch of Google Plus and how Google works on “far flung” ideas that something become core competencies the main Google products.

Sean Parker and Shervin Pishevar

Sean Parker and Shervin Pishevar are interviewed by Alexia Tsostsis about Entrepreneurship, early stage investing and how the bubble of small start-ups is killing the potential innovation when the best people work together.

Daniel Ek - Spotify

Daniel talks about the early days of Spotify and how Spotify have achieved things that so many other companies have failed at. Daniel also talks about Spotify’s new developer platform, the API and the SDK that allows developers hook into the Spotifiy experience.

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