Crossing the chasm [Review]

Oct 10, 2011

Crossing the chasm is a book of material aimed exclusively at “marketing and selling technology products to mainstream customers”, and is written by the extremely influential Geoffrey A. Moore. The book aims to give the reader a detailed overview of approaching the technology markets, and a practical step by step guide for launching a new technological product.

Crossing the chasm was first published in 1991, but it has been updated with new example companies and new material as new forces have become shaping the way technological products live and die. However, much of the material in this book remains sound advice for any technological company looking to break into a new or existing market. This is highlighted by some of the more out of date examples of companies; It is not hard to imagine how the theme of each chapter could be related to a modern counterpart company that is going through the same experience.

Crossing the chasm takes the reader through the technological life cycle, and will show you how best to attack each aspect in order to make your product a success. From customer analysis, to pricing and distribution, Cross the chasm is a must read for anyone looking to bring a new technology driven product or company to market.

Philip Brown


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