The rebirth of Cultivatus!

Jul 25, 2011

Well I’ve kind of been neglecting this little blog for quite a while now so I’ve decided to step my game up starting from now. As you may of noticed, I’ve made a couple of changes round here.

  1. I’ve decided to move away from the .us domain name. Technically you’re not allowed to use a .us domain unless you actually live in the US. I figured it’s just a matter of time before they kick me off, so I decided to just jump instead.

  2. New layout. The first layout was pretty much just something I quickly made to get the ball rolling. Although this second layout is also not exactly spectacular, I wanted to get rid of the bloat of the last layout and concentrate on just the content. I also wanted it to work on mobile devices and so I’ve decided to just strip everything back and start from scratch.

I also intend to start writing regularly on here, even if it means writing shorter, but hopefully more concise posts. I’m aiming for at least a weekly post.

Philip Brown


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