Using Twitter for B2B lead generation

Dec 26, 2010

Table of contents:

  1. Utilising Twitter
  2. Twitter as part of the bigger picture

Many businesses are discovering that using social media can be an excellent way of generating leads. In this article we will be looking at B2B, but many of the key theories can be applied to B2C organisations.

Utilising Twitter

Twitter should be your first port of call when beginning your social media strategy. Twitter offers an unrivaled platform for communication, generating buzz, analysisng the consumers reaction and contact cultivation. In the early days of your online strategy you shoud listen to the conversations relating to your industry and get a feel for your audience, what they are talking about and in what manner. Much of this preparation will determine how you approach the rest of your strategy.

Twitter can be used for a number of different objectives even if you don’t have a dynamic website, blog or other social media strategy platforms. Although to inform your userbase it is highly recommended you have atleast a web presence.

Building a userbase, generating buzz and analysing reactions

Twitter is a great tool for creating a userbase of people who are actually interested in your product or service. By following you they are showing that they care about what you have to say. Generating buzz about your product or your company is as easy as sending a tweet. The following reaction to that tweet can tell you a lot about the reaction from your users. Retweets and @replys for example, will give an indication as to what people think of your company. Tweet and Retweet links to other great resources that relate to your product or your industry. Its important to remember that you must create value for you audience, so always ensure any link you post is of great value to your consumers.

Customer interaction and connection with the audience

Twitter is also a great tool for reaching out to potential customers by analysing what people are talking about. is an excellent tool for finding prospective clients who are talking about your industry.You can find people in a specific area, people who are asking questions and even filter tweets based on how positive or negative a tweet is, the possibilities are endless.

When you find someone who is tweeting about your industry, company or product @reply them with a tweet that adds value to their conversation. Don’t try and sell or advertise links to your blog. If you add sufficient value, have a good image and are transparent in your approach the user will find your great content and become a valued follower and potential customer.

Twitter as part of the bigger picture

Of course to get the very best from you organisations Twitter experience you must use the platform as part of a full intergrated social media strategy. Each strategy will be bespoke for each organisation, based upon objectives, audience and budget amongst other aspects.

Philip Brown


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